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Think Pink!


A change from the good ol’ little black dress. This pink dress was a perfect piece to wear to a summer event. Simple, yet classy. I paired this dress with some gold stilettos and matching gold tones bracelet and earrings: Kenneth Cole Dress, Nine West Shoes, BCBG Bracelet, Lia Sophia earrings.



My Spring Fling with Floral Shorts



This look was one that I shied away from for some time.. mostly because floral shorts can be a disaster if not done right. The key is to ensure they are loose fitting and to pair them with a fitted shirt. I added a blazer because to add a bit of sophistication. If you decide to wear tighter fitting floral shorts, aim for a baggy shirt. You want  to offset the fit of the shorts. Keep the rest of your outfit tamed and let your shorts do the walking…

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Let my shoes speak for themselves



Sometimes a night out is all you need, and some mile high red patented shoes of course… keep your outfit plain and simple when wearing some pretty scandalous shoes. You want them to speak for themselves. I added a glammed up headband to add a bit of vavavoom….
This look is comfortable and easy to put together… even for any fashion newbie. Great for all body types, and a variety of styles…

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Jammin’ with Jamberry


The little ones love them too!

IMG_2134 IMG_2132

As a busy mother of three, getting my nails done is really not on my agenda…. also having a second to paint my nails rarely happens…ALTHOUGH… I have always been conscious of my nails, ensuring I have no chipped polish (learned this from etiquette school.. no I am not joking.. I was sent to etiquette school… and surprisingly learned a great deal of skills).

I cannot stand the look of chipped polish.. says a little je ne sais quoi about you!!!!

So I tried out Jamberry Nails… like shrink wrapping your nails in an array of designs, colours, patterns and everything in between… I tend to lean on the subtle looks but did try some trendy nails as well. The BEST part… these nails last 2 weeks… even after countless bath times… dish washing, and a few other errands here and there, my nails still look FAB!

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Wicked White Challenge… Will it Work?

Wicked White Challenge… Will it work?

Wicked White Home Whitening Kit

Have you ever thought of whitening your teeth?
Have you ever thought about the implications of injecting all those chemicals into your mouth, not to mention that goopy coating that never stays in place, and ends up being ingested (yum, just what I wanted some delicious chemicals for lunch).

These are just some of the horror stories I’ve heard when it comes to whitening your teeth. Although I cannot lie… a whiter, brighter smile is an enticing thought and would surely enrich my love affair with red vibrant lipsticks. But can I really go through with the process of dealing with the goop, the chemicals, and the sensitivity….

Well my challenge is on! I found a product that seems to stand out from the rest… no goop, no sensitivity, no harsh chemicals, no animal byproducts, Kosher and neutral in pH… Now I want to see some results.

My wicked white pro kit comes with a reusable bag, pretreatment spray which acts as a stain remover and hydrates your teeth it also helps with colour relapse (preventing your teeth from going back to that yucky yellowish stain), a pre-filled paint brush like pen and mouth guard (you can conform this guard to your mouth with warm water).


Join me in my challenge… 14 days to whiter teeth! But will it work! Stay Tuned….

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Happy Holidays to All Fashion Lovers

happ-y holidays

Happy Holidays to All Fashion Lovers out there…


This year I decided to keep it simple, comfortable and expandable over the holidays. This wrap, kimono dress was a perfect choice for my Christmas dinner because it allowed me to be comfortable while stuffing my face and chasing my children around. I did have to lift it while walking around, but that just made me feel like a princess holder her gown at the ball. A few pieces of jewelry and I was ready to parrrtehhhh.

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Denim vs. Denim


I believe mixing denim can be a bit of a challenge for many… That’s because one false move and the wrong shade of denim will create a serious disastrous effect. You can look like an acid wash nightmare, a look back at the Britney and Justin MTV awards nightmare screaming … “for the love of denim”… and you get the picture.

What I am wearing…

H&M coat, H&M jeans, Mexx jean shirt, Vintage Oscar De La Renta scarf, boots Brazilian Brand

TIP: when mixing denim from top to bottom be sure that the shades are within one or two shades of each other OR completely different within the undertone of denim. For example you do not want to wear a dark denim wash with indigo undertone with acid washed bottoms that have a beige undertone.

I’ve provide you with a few options to choose from that can help you achieve a seamless and denimous look…Click on the image below.



Thank you Jeanne Beker

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.36.13 PM

I have to say that I was so excited when Ms. Jeanne Beker Favorited my tweet. While this may not be a big deal to some, to me it’s absolutely enlightening …

Jeanne was the first person who introduced the world of fashion to me via my television and over 25 years ago… Before there was the world wide web, her role in fashion was in essence fashion blogging in real time for the world to see. I fell in love with Fashion File, and when I was not able to afford this channel through various stages of life, I mourned … and had to find love through my collection of vogue magazines (still in one of those moving bins) and glimpses of fashion edits on entertainment channels. Whenever I had the opportunity to be at a friends house and would discover they had fashion file on their tv listing, I would ignore whatever was going on around me to catch a moment in time.
As I have been fortunate to have a husband who understands or at least accepts my love of fashion, he knows when I am consumed by fashion television to move aside quietly or enjoy watching some fabulous models while I drool over collections.

If it wasn’t for Jeanne, I would have never falling in love over and over again with the world of fashion… so yes the fact that she Favorited my tweet is a major deal in my pretentious little world… and I will soak it all up for as long as I can.

Thank you Jeanne, your simple action meant the world to me :)

Lights, Camera, Let’s Shop


My moment to shine….

This was such a fun opportunity for me. I got to have lunch with some fabulous ladies, AND I got the opportunity to be on live television on The Shopping Channel. It was exhilarating… and I think I fell in love with live television. Maybe one day I will get another fun opportunity to shine 😉 My outfit was inspired by old school glam. I wanted to represent classic design with comfort but add a bit of colour that would translate well on television.

What I wore….

Blazer – Fuscia Le Chateau
Dress – Polka dots hand made by my beautiful mama… thank you mom it has an A-line cut and incredibly old school looking, not to mention totally comfortable.
Shoes – Ankle booties, black leather Aldo
Jewelry – oversized pearl necklace and earrings

How to get my look… click on the image below for your own personal shopping experience.  :)