Miranda Bio Photo The dreadful question asked time and time again… tell me a little bit about yourself…. This brings me back to some painful job interviews!

Nonetheless this is different! This is truly all about me and my opportunity to tell you a little bit about my Journey. My name is Miranda Rocca-Circelli, I am a mother of three, wifey, entrepreneur, inventor, educational practitioner, philanthropist and a now Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire. I’ve been involved in various projects, implemented various ideas, some which have flourished into great projects, others still in the gestational stages of life, and others provided me with experiences that I could never have anticipated becoming so magical (even though to some they might have seemed as flaws in the grand scene of pretentious life). In my opinion, there is always something to learn from every situation: the good, the bad, the great, the I’m not sure what this is, and everything in between. Ever since I can remember I have loved fashion. In fact, the other day while I was rummaging through some items trying to find a place to hide Christmas presents, I came across an old bin with some memorabilia. You know that stuff you throw into a bin the first time you move away from home, and years later, various dwellings later, it gets stuck somewhere only to really be fire hazard if anything. But what I uncovered were some old fashion designs from when I was merely 9 years old. They were pretty good except their direct correlation to the 80s. I may possibly revive these designs in the near future, as I am quite proud of what I have done at such a young age.

As we continue though our life’s journey, my rule of thumb is uncover your passions and let them be your focus and priority, and learn how to monetize them. While I also believe that everything must also occur in one’s life in a divine order of sorts…. meaning, you may have a passion yearning within, nurture it, feed it, love it, and one day it will grow into an abundant present for you to love and hold every day. That is basically how I have felt about fashion my entire life. Living in Northern Ontario, my fashion selection has been slightly limited in terms of access to the greatest and most amazing finds! Although, someone invented the world wide web, and life changed. It allowed a girl to take her dreaming of fashion to a whole new level of window shopping and drooling day after day, night after night. As life progressed, children were born, life continued, and fashion still had this burning itch to come through as a full fledged materialist need of mine. It’s the feeling of finding the softness cashmere, and putting on a pair of Christian Louboutins that you cannot manufacture any other way… this urge continuously was knocking at my souls door to bet let out to shine. That need to be in fashion some way shape or form just never died for me. Aside from everyday people constantly stopping me asking me how I look so fabulous (they obviously didn’t notice the puke stains on my shirt from my barrage of children – did I mention I’m a mom of three!).

Being complimented for your outwear is a direct reflection of the importance your outwear has especially in Northern Ontario, it’s not what you wear under your coat that matters, but all about the outerwear… at least for 7 months out of the year. That’s a long time to looking good in fleece, fur, insulation or whatever you can find to stay warm… but one rule… always look fabulous.

This is my blog about fashion… helping you to look good in all seasons, with a focus on some colder climate. I will provide you with some great looks, and the option to purchase similar looks. I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer you… because it is all enwrapped with love and passion! If you want more fashion and insight from my personal journey, you can also sign up for some juicy stuff that will come directly to you!!!

 Thank you for visiting and please refer all your friends…spread the love of fashion :)